Practical remote working: part 3 – business processes and culture

In the last two posts we tackled what I have always found the easy parts in being an effective remote worker. In this post I am going to look at the difficult problems of business processes and culture. In order for organisations to embrace remote work and get all the benefits it provides you need […]

Practical remote working: part 2 – software

There are so many options for software when dealing with remote working that it can truly make your head spin. In this section I want to look at the following categories of software: Video conferencing Group chat Task tracking and project management As always, the answer to the question of “what the best solution for […]

Practical remote working: part 1 – hardware and environment

In this first post in this series we will look at the hardware you will need and also the physical environment that you should aim to create. Where applicable I will distinguish between advice for individual remote workers and those office workers that need to work with remote team members. Hardware So, let us start […]

A practical guide to effective remote working

Over the last few months I have seen a couple of remote working guides appear in my inbox sharing tips and best practice from across the industry to get the best out of remote work. While I found a lot of these articles interesting and useful I could not help but notice that a lot […]