A fresh approach to delivering projects using Power BI

With the recent changes to Power BI Microsoft has unleashed the most exciting capabilities in the Microsoft BI space in a very long time. Power BI does not only have the ability to promote self-service BI, it has far greater implications for how we deliver BI projects in an agile manner. Power BI allows us to […]

Drop a column from all tables in a specific schema or database

Sometimes you just need to drop a column from all tables where it exists in a specific schema or maybe your entire database. The following script will allow you to do that and will also drop any indexes that use the specified column in order to all the column to be dropped. Use this one […]

Implementing Linear Regression using TSQL

A few weeks ago I started the Machine Learning course, presented by Andrew Ng, on Coursera and so far I am thoroughly enjoying it. The course uses GNU Octave as the environment in which the coding takes place and so far it has proven to be a fantastic tool to use to learn the concepts […]

Centralised Logging for BI Projects based on Android Logcat

I have recently been playing around with creating a centralised logging mechanism to be used across all components of a BI solution. On some projects you can have many different modular and separately developed components that make up the solution as a whole and each one of these components require logging. This brings with it […]

Hadoop Pseudo-distributed Mode Installation Step by Step

If you have ever picked up a book about Hadoop then I am sure that you spent a good deal of time on setting up your own installation of Hadoop. It is not that the instructions on installing Hadoop is lacking in the book but rather that when you have a background in Microsoft technology […]

Unit testing in Business Intelligence

In my previous post I wrote about the importance of unit testing in business intelligence projects, specifically the need for it when you are following an agile approach. We also looked at the basic layers that you have in the typical Microsoft BI project and how a seemingly easy change has and effect at almost all of the different […]

Agile BI, without unit testing you are using the "Max Power Way"

“Homer: From now on, there are three ways to do things: the right way, the wrong way, and the Max Power way. Bart: Isn’t that just the wrong way? Homer: Yeah, but faster!” Agile BI has been all the rage for a while now. It is one of those buzz words that everyone loves to […]

Reporting Services 2005 Image randomly does not render

This is a bit of a back to the future post. I have recently had to do some work in SSRS 2005 and came across this little issue when using IE9 against SSRS 2005. If you have report that shows images from and external source inside a cell in a matrix these render correctly in […]