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I design and develop data platforms that solve unique business problems.

For data conversations focused on business value and without technical jargon, please email me at

"... A fantastic consultant, clients love him - in particular his ability to explain deep technical issues in a language business people can understand ..."

Tim Kent, Director Adatis Consulting via LinkedIn



Since 2006 my work has taken me across the globe and through multiple industries. I have used my knowledge to improve resource allocation in public healthcare in the UK, identify billing errors for a telecoms provider in Botswana and transform a cybersecurity company's marketing and revenue operations in the US.

Besides my consulting work, I co-founded so+co, a specialist data consultancy helping B2B Marketers with the unique challenges they face. I am part of Equal Expert's global network of highly experienced consultants, and since 2021 I have also been a PyBites mentor to help fellow developers increase their technical skills.
Located in the UK, I overlap multiple time zones and work with international clients.

"Christo has excellent technical skills across a range of technologies and is exactly the kind of guy that most companies look for .. smart, quick thinking, articulate and great with customers."

Mark Hill, Chief Operating Officer Coeo via LinkedIn


Read about my thoughts, ideas, and experiences in the world of data


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Please feel free to contact me here



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