Drop a column from all tables in a specific schema or database

Sometimes you just need to drop a column from all tables where it exists in a specific schema or maybe your entire database. The following script will allow you to do that and will also drop any indexes that use the specified column in order to all the column to be dropped. Use this one […]

Implementing Linear Regression using TSQL

A few weeks ago I started the Machine Learning course, presented by Andrew Ng, on Coursera and so far I am thoroughly enjoying it. The course uses GNU Octave as the environment in which the coding takes place and so far it has proven to be a fantastic tool to use to learn the concepts […]

Centralised Logging for BI Projects based on Android Logcat

I have recently been playing around with creating a centralised logging mechanism to be used across all components of a BI solution. On some projects you can have many different modular and separately developed components that make up the solution as a whole and each one of these components require logging. This brings with it […]