Power BI plugin for Apache Airflow

Apache Airflow has been a core part of a few projects I have been involved in. One of the great things about it is how extensible it is. If there is a specific task you would like to perform, and it is not covered by the built-in or contributed functionality, you can easily create your own.

The interest in Power BI has never been greater than it is today. It was thus no surprise that I would at some point run into a situation where I needed to orchestrate some actions against Power BI from an Airflow data pipeline. Currently no built-in functionality exist in Airflow to interact with Power BI.

In order to make life easier I have created a Power BI plugin for Apache Airflow. The code is available on Github here. Installation instructions and further detail about the plugin can be found in the repository on Github.

Feedback, requests for additional functionality and pull requests are all welcome.